Founded in Milan in 2011 by Alessandra Piccaluga, Minina is a line of clothing for women and girls aged 2 to 12 years.

The clothes Minina are designed to be worn during moments of play, using elegant refined embroidery with delicate patterns and soft fabrics that are fused together with humor and unconventional spirit, creating an effect that combines the charm of Paris with Milanese design for a unique and instantly recognizable effect. The collection is designed and produced exclusively in Milan and closely followed at all stages to maintain the finishing product “made in Italy” also respecting the environment and fabrics. Our research is aimed to offer a range of unexpected colors in a child’s world, with a new style and a keen eye – which translates into a classic, yet modern design – for garments with a clean cut and great fitting. The choice of natural fabrics such as linen, cotton, canvas, cotton voile and velvet, and the constant attention paid to even the smallest of details can make clothes seem timeless, as though they were found in an antique wardobe, combining great simplicity and sophistication together.