L’è Inscì bell

Preview of the new collection FW 2022 / 23

L’è INSCì BELL / FW 22-23

Minina presents the new Fall Winter 2022-23 collection!

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Our highly recognizable style reflects an eclectic Milanese spirit that is part of our DNA and of our deep bond with this city that accepts the challenges of contemporaneity while remaining faithful to its historical and cultural roots.

So we too, after two difficult years for everyone, have never given up facing this test as a new adventure.

We now present the new winter collection “L’è INSCì BELL”, which in Milanese dialect means “It’s so beautiful”. 

Inspired by a desire for lightness and rebirth, we have chosen to celebrate beauty in all its forms. 

We have researched and selected unique fabrics and reciped new colors to transmit, in our small way, the joy of living. We strongly believe in the energy of colors, in the courage to dare and in the value of reinterpreting ourselves with imagination to evolve.

Natural materials, garments produced 100% in Italy and models developed by hand, developed after multiple tests until reaching the perfect fit.

Minina is imagination, research and experimentation.

It is the imperfection that enhances the beauty and the human side of our project. 

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